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Sell Quality Framed Mirrors !

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Sell framed mirrors.
I.D. mirror_0001_1
Mirror Size 12X16 , 20X24 , 24X36 , 36X48 .
The high quality silver mirror has the fine definition, reflectivity, fidely and stable.
The high quality Victorian styled frame was made of:
Golden colour finished frame: wood based frame + resin-stone powder flower or curve line + cupper foil + antique golden colour finish by professional craftsman and workers. Each frame is unique.
Our high quality framed mirrors will be placed in the head office, conference hall, and luxurious house.

Crowndecor primarily focuses on the wholesaling of products. The amount of products for retail is limited. If you are interested in purchasing any mirrors, please contact us and we will send you the price. Ontario resident plus 14 % Tax Contact us!

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